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Consumers will now be able to enjoy all their favorite qualities of cashmere without any of the drawbacks of this typically delicate fabric. Active Cashmere is the first performance-based luxury cashmere that is water repellent and durable among other key characteristics that reinvent the way cashmere is worn.

Active Cashmere perfectly blends quality and function by utilizing an innovative fiber treatment process that enhances the cashmere’s natural qualities. Active Cashmere garments are breathable and have a comfortable and soft hand feel. The proprietary process allows the cashmere to be machine washable with no shrinkage, retaining the garment’s initial shape and form, and significantly reducing any chance of pilling, felting, fuzzing, or discoloration on the cashmere. At the same time, the machine washable series is water-resistant: water repels off the garment’s surface eliminating any absorption and wetness that typically would occur with cashmere and maintaining complete dryness on the inside of the garment. Any water on the cashmere is limited to the surface and dries within minutes, whereas traditional cashmere can stay wet for up to an hour causing the immediate odor.

The debut Active Cashmere collection launches direct-to-consumer this Fall 2020 via their website and in select retailers for Winter 2020 / 21. The collection ranges between lounge, leisure, and active pieces that are versatile, in addition to core items that serve as all-purpose wardrobe staples. The modern aesthetic and refined design approach combined with superior functionality is set to transform the perception of cashmere in today’s marketplace. Whether worn in an outdoor social setting, for recreational activities, during or post-workout or simply as day-to-day wear, mixed color series provides a solution to our fluid new-age lifestyle.

  The pieces range from a sweatshirt-inspired sweater (a new take on a classic crew) to a cropped sweater and sweatpant set, to short sleeve tops and shorts, to midweight and lightweight long sleeves. The majority of the collection utilizes WHOLEGARMENT knit techniques that make the seamless wholegarment series proving both minimalism and comfort. The craftsmanship on the material and knitting construction provides for quality, breathable and long-lasting pieces that can serve our year-round cashmere needs for years to come.

Active Cashmere is founded by DanRoy, a family-owned company deeply rooted in Scottish cashmere heritage with over 60 years of experience in the industry. Together with Todd & Duncan, the world’s largest and finest Scottish cashmere mill, DanRoy is the first company worldwide to infuse this treatment and proprietary process into both the cashmere yarn and knitting process, while maintaining the highest quality and sustainability standards. 

  Unlike other chemical processes, the heavy cashmeres series technology lasts for over the life of the garment and the treatments used are non-toxic, non-hazardous, hypo-allergic, and have no ancillary impact on the environment. As industry veterans, DanRoy is a proud member of CCMI, the cashmere organization that sets the global standard for quality. They utilize a fully sustainable supply and production chain, sourcing the highest grade and ethically-sourced raw material, working with manufacturers who recycle their water and reduce water usage, and eliminating fabric waste through WHOLEGARMENT knitting techniques.

  Wool fabrics can be classified by their production technology — the worsted and woolen ones. Woolen cashmere series are spun from short fibers, while worsted wool is made from long and fine ones. Compared to woolens, worsted wool fabrics are brushed in two directions with special brushes. Wool yarn differs in quality: it is bulky for woolen fabrics and smooth for worsteds.

Worsted cashmere series are lighter, smoother and more durable, but provide less warmth. However, they are better at keeping off rain. Worsted wool requires more processing (remember, it is made of long staple fibers only), it tends to be more pricey compared to woolens. The most common uses for worsted fabrics are suits and tailored clothes.
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