Əmək haqqı : 450.00 Kafe
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Ofisiant xanim teleb olunur.Obyekt Neftcilerde yerleshir.Ish saati saat 10-dan axsham 11-e kimidir.
Elaqe nomresi 055 333 15 20
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Our History Suzhou Deqi Automotive Parts System Co., Ltd. was formerly known as B&K Technical Parts and Systems (Taicang) Co., Ltd., which is a German-owned company. B&K Germany was founded in 1970, focusing on the design and development of molds and…

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Feature / Advantage 鈼?Food contact degree 鈼?Good oil resistance 鈼?Degradable material 鈼?Blank printing 鈼?Transparent view 鈼?Non-toxic materials 鈼?International food-grade certification 鈼?Friendly to the Earth 鈼?Sanitary production environment…

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Our History 1999 year founded -just smaller workshop to produce some China Trade company smaller accessory. 2009 year build own painting/printing dept. 2013 year build own packaging room. 2014 year applicated own Export and Import rights. 2015 year…

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