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The stainless steel pipe forming machine mainly produces pipes for stainless steel handrails, railings, tables and chairs, building materials, etc. The pipe can be directly and easily converted into pipes of different shapes, such as round, square, rectangular and other shapes of stainless steel pipes.
Brand NameVello
Pipe MaterialStainless Steel
Pipe shapeRound/Square/Rect
Useful lifetime40 years
Warranty1 year
Welding MachinePlasma
Horizontal axis diameter锛坢m锛?/td>120
Vortical axis diameter锛坢m锛?/td>80
Tube diameter锛坢m锛?/td>桅325-桅426
Tube thichness(mm)3.0-10
Main motor pawer(kw)37x2
Tube making speed(m/min)0.3-3
Solve the problem of manual operation:
Vello takes into account when the steel pipe production operator collects the finished product, the pipe falls from the workbench to the packaging mold, and the pipe falls very loudly, and the pipe collides loudly. Therefore, our design has two sets of stacking collection devices, which are placed symmetrically. The steel pipe adopts a layered stacking method when falling to reduce the drop, so that the pipe does not have a strong collision sound. Made the following two improvements:
(1) Due to the design of two sets of symmetrical stacking collection devices, it is necessary to solve the problem of synchronous action, and the accuracy of the control system is required to be high enough;
(2) To achieve better human-computer interaction, it is necessary to ensure that when the system fails, workers can achieve manual control.Steel Pipe Welding Machine
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