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Gas-fired phase change hot water boiler
Model: 0.7MW 1.4MW 2.8MW 4.2MW 5.6MW 7MW 14MW
Phase change boiler is a kind of heating furnace. Stainless steel wave tube heat exchanger is installed in the steam space of steam boiler. The heat of the steam is absorbed by the circulating water of the heat exchanger. After the steam is exchanged, the phase is changed into condensed water, which is then returned to the boiler for reheating. The outer package is made of mirror stainless steel, which not only prolongs the service life, but also makes the appearance more beautiful.
Significant advantages are:
1. The heating circulating water flows in the heat exchange tube, pipe network impurities cannot enter the boiler.
2. The comprehensive effect of the above 1 and 4 can completely eliminate the common water circulation accidents of the current hot water boiler -- pipe explosion, bulge and cracking.
3. Boiler water side no scaling, smoke side no ash, boiler output and efficiency can be achieved lifelong unchanged, energy saving effect is obvious.
4. Because the above phase change boiler will not produce water circulation accident, can greatly improve the boiler room economy and operation safety and reliability, in the case of standard operation of the furnace type service life can be as long as 30 years.
5. The boiler has an overload capacity of 15%.
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