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Prepreg Electric Motor Stator Coils Hot Air Drying Oven
Prepreg Electric Motor Stator Coils Hot Air Drying Oven adopts the unique hot air circulation system to make the temperature distribution of the workroom even, the whole process of air change with large volume and the unique pre-air change function, so that the flammable gas concentration of the paint in the oven is always within a safe range.It is a kind of heating and drying equipment specially designed for the paint soaking industry.Widely used in motor dip, motor repair, transformer dip, plastic grease hardening, enamelled wire curing, motor rotor drying.
Technical parameters:
The motor curing oven is designed as a whole, blower motors are installed on left and right sides, This design can ensure the oven height in the highway limit range, convenient transportation.very Perfect !
Product nameHot Air OvenModel3000脳3000脳3100
Working temperature scopeRoom+10~200鈩?/p>Working room size3000脳3000脳3100mm( DxWxH)
The height from the flat car surface to the inner top is 2700mm
Heating power90KWTemperature control precision卤1鈩?/p>
Heating componentstainless steel electric heating tubeUniform temperature卤2鈩冿紙no-load锛?/p>
Blower motor power1100W * 6sets
Inner deviceStainless steel flat car with light rail wheels, 1 set, loading capacity up to 10 Tons
Structure1.The hot air ovens adopt both sides air duct out of the wind, horizontal cyclic heating. Heating elements are installed in the air ducts of both sides of the oven, motors are installed on the top of the oven, door buckles are fixed by buckle handle.
2.Internal oven with 2 groove channel, .It is very easy to push in or out the trolley.
MaterialInterior material is adopted SUS304 stainless steel plate, Exterior material is made of A3 cold-pressed carbon steel plate with fine powder coating treatment.
Products show:

The height from the flat car surface to the inner top is 2700mm (Efficient use of space):

Inner material all stainless steel
Stainless steel electric heating tube and High temperature resistant extension shaft motor:

Heavy duty heat resistant wheels:

Structure advantages:
鈼廡hermal insulation material
Between the inner and outer walls of the equipment are filled with high-temperature resistant aluminum silicate, which is used for heat insulation and heat preservation
LED digital intelligent instrument temperature control, arbitrary set constant temperature, simple operation, accurate temperature control.
鈼廔nternal structure
SUS 304 stainless steel is used inside to prevent rust and make it durable.
鈼廋ustom-made large centrifugal blades
Forced air circulation system to ensure that the temperature distribution inside the oven.
Specially designed outlet, exhaust outlet can be equipped with ventilation device.Motor Drying Oven suppliers
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