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Digital Mixer 32 Channels|T32

Lightweight, compact digital mixers with advanced features and outstanding sound quality.
The OASIS T32 digital mixing console is well received by the world's leading sound engineers for its amazing sound quality. T series mixers inherit the same type of excellent sound performance, thanks to careful part selection and attention to the design of every circuit detail...from power to ground. Of course, the key amplifiers have received special attention and achieved excellent results. Many technologies developed for the above high-end models are applied without reservation to ensure that these mixers are among the best in their class.
Digital Mixer 32 Channels T32 Product Parameters
鈥?32Channels MIC input 1 stereo inputs
鈥?1Group Digital input: fiber / sound card, MP3
鈥?Input channel pan adjustment
鈥?MIC input gain adjustment (digital gain)
鈥?+48V phantom power (MIC channels can be turned on and off independently)
鈥?Built-in noise gate, Compressor, high and low pass, input 5 Bands equalization, delay, channel harmony adjustment
鈥?Channel parameter fast copy function, Feedback Exterminator.
鈥?Support input channels odd-even Joint adjustment
鈥?Input and output EQ ON/OFF
鈥?Multi-function knob
鈥?Each channel has a multi-function menu, mute and monitor
鈥?The channel is equipped with 100MM motorised l Faders, signal and peak light (33 ALPS motorised  faders)
鈥?12-channel signal output (main output L, R, 6-channel AUX output, 4 Channels Group output)
鈥?AUX output (before/after fader)
鈥?Output processing: high and low pass filtering, 15-band parametric equalization, compressor, delay, phase
鈥?Digital recording function
鈥?Double row 3 color 12-segment level indicator
鈥?Built-in sound card (MP3, PC directly play music)
鈥?4 quick scene recall modes, 20 modes storage
鈥?User parameter storage and recall (can be managed on the pc side)
鈥?Built-in four-channel dual DSP effects
鈥?FX foot switch interface
鈥?Fiber input/output
鈥?Multi-IOS operating system (IOS system, Android system, WINDOWS system)
鈥?Support wired network port adjustment (or external router wireless adjustment)
鈥?7 inch 800*480 capacitive touch display
鈥?User-customizable layer, output mixed editing function
Digital Mixer 32 Channels T32 Specification
Input Mic/Line Inputs锛?-32Balanced, XLR and 1/4" TRS jack,ControlFadersALPS 100mm motorised
Input Sensitivity锛圶LR/TRS锛?/p>XTR1.5mv,TRS change to 7mv
Touch Screen7鈥漈FT锛?00脳480resolution
Analogue Gain-32db To 10db , 0.6~0.7 Steps
Output GroupsYes
Maximum Input Level (XLR / TRS)+19dBu/+29dBu
Mute GroupsNo
Input Impedance
NetworkTCP/IP Ethernet for PC and ipad apps
Mic Stereo Line InputsNo
System UpdateUSB disk
Parameters linkedNo
Wire connectedWindows PC software connected
Wireless connectedWindows PC/iPad/android
Stereo Line Inputs
Input Proces
singSourceLocal CH1-CH32锛孲T1銆丼T2 Local ST3digital
ST1/ST2Balance锛?1/4 TRS Jack
EQ4-Band EQ, (20HZ--20KHZ)卤12dB, Q 0.3~15 available
ST3 connectorUSB B Streaming锛孶 Disk锛孲/PDIF
High and low pass12db/24db,(BT/BS/LRK),
Input SensitivityNominal 4dB
Noise gateNO
Analogue Gain-32db To 10db , 0.6~0.7 Steps
Gate threshold
Maximum Input Level+29dB
Attack /release
Input Impedance>7K惟
CompressorSelf key Sidechain
Stereo linkedYes
Threshold / Ratio-40db-+6db/1:1 infinity
Parameters linkedEQ, dynamics, insert, delay, assignments, sends, Ducker
DelayMAX 20ms
Outputs Mix1-6 and LR OutBalanced锛孹LR锛孡/R, 4SUB,2AUXOutput Proces
singOutput channelsL/R,4SUB,2AUX
Ouput Impedance
Stereo Record2channels(wav/mp3)
48KHz 24
Frequency Response20HZ-20KHZ+/-0.5db
Stereo Playback2channels(WAV/MP3)32-96KHz,16-24bit
Sampling Rate48KHz 卤100PPMUSB AudioUSB Audio StreamingUSB B
ADC/DCA24 bit Delta-sigma
(upstream)2channels WAV锛?2KHz-96KHz 24bit
FX Internal FX2xRack FX engine,Send>Return
or Inserted
Return (downstream)2Channels WAV锛孧P3,48KHz,24Bit
TypesReverbs, Delays, Gated Reverb, ADT
2 dedicated Stereo FX returnsFader, Pan, Mute, Routing to Mix/LR, 5-Band PEQ
System Linux systemChinese or EnglishPower100-240VAC,50-60H,150W
Digital Audio Mixer 32 Channels T32 Size/Weight
WxDxH锛?91*515*215MM锛圱he length includes 6.35 input socket, the width includes the side panel, the height includes the machine foot; the knob is not included锛?/p>
Net Weight锛?5.28KG  Gross Weight锛?8.2KG 
Package size锛?20*620*310MM
Digital Audio Mixer 32 Channels T32 Application
Applications: conference rooms, multi-purpose halls, small performances, small bands, government, schools, bars, wedding companies, rental companies, Ballroom, military, cultural halls, cultural centers, conventions, etc.China Digital Mixer manufacturers
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