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Mechanical properties of welded square pipe
Strength refers to the ability of the welded square pipe to resist damage (proper plastic deformation or fracture) under static load.Because the form of load has tensile, contraction, winding, shear and other ways, because the strength is also divided into tensile strength, compressive strength, bending strength, shear strength and so on.There is often a certain contact between the various strengths, the use of normal more to tensile strength as the most fundamental strength needle.
Physical properties of welded steel tubes
[1] function index analysis of welded square tube - strength The load on the machine part is called charge load, and the strength of Q195 welded square tube is called charge toughness under the action of charge load.
[2] Functional index analysis of welded square tube - the strength, plasticity and Angle discussed after the toughness are all machine functional dial hands of metal under static load.In practice, many machines are repetitive load employment, is in this environment the whole opportunity to occur fatigue.
[3] Function index analysis of welded square tube - rarely used methods include Q195 welded square tube Brinell Angle (HB), Rockwell Angle (HRA, HRB, HRC) and Vickers Angle (HV).Angles are the hands that weigh the hard and soft levels of metal data.The press-angle method most rarely used in the present life is the press-angle method, which is the number of press-head of what shape is pressed into the metal data surface under the press-load to be tested, and the Angle value is determined according to the level of press-angle.
[4] Functional Index Analysis of Welded Square Tubs-Angle plasticity refers to the ability of Q195 welded square pipe data to be plastic deformed (forever deformed) without damage under the action of load.
[5] Functional index analysis of welded square tube - mechanical function of plastic square tube.
Square tube specifications锛坢m锛?/p>
35脳,35脳,1,0锝?,0The drawing specifications are as follows
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